All about Lefkas, Ionion Islands.

The wine production and bottling workshop of Lefkas Local Wine – a small cottage industry – was founded in 1994 by Dionysis and Maria Papanikolopoulos in Platistoma, a small mountainous village in Lefkas.

The viniculture and wine production was the main business of the family many generations ago. Nowadays, a limited number of bottles of pure wine constitute our yearly production. “Siflogo” was the name that was selected for this wine and the return of Odysseus to his homestead is depicted on the label.

“Siflogo” means… the uniting point of all flames…blazing passions…heat

Five types of wine are produced: White Dry , Rose Dry, Red Dry, Red Dry (Brusque), Red Demi-sweet. All age in Frenc h oak barrels and under the best of conditions.

Around the beautiful little village of PlatistomaLefkas, in an altitude of 500m you will find our small traditional vineyards, tended with care and absolute respect to nature.

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Siflogo cellar.


Growing out of the mountainous soil and dry rocks of the place, our local varieties, some of them known (Vartzami, Vardea, Chlori) and some of them almost forgotten (Mavropatrino, Thiako, white Vartzamo, Kokkinostafylo, Lefkas Muscat), they all offer every year their scant but delicious fruit. Dry soil, cultivation by hand and natural fertilizers are some of the characteristics of our cultivation.

In recent years, we have initiated cultivation to be certified as biological in an area without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial interventions.

The little mountainous village of Platistoma is located between the two mountains of the island ofLefkas, Elati and Skaroi. It will reward you with a spectacular view of the sea and the small green islands of Scorpios, Madouri, Sparti, Kalamos, Meganisi and Heloni.

Around the threshing floors of the village you will find our workshop, the traditional tavern of the village, always willing to serve you Greek homemade recipes, and the coffee house that used to be an olive press in the past. There are 50 permanent residents, most of them farmers, who refuse to leave the beauty of the rocky landscape and the great view of the sea.

You can visit us from Lefkas either through Karia ( 16 km. approx.), or from Nidri-Perigiali (Hotel Nostos), enjoying the great view of Prigiponisia ( 8 km. approx.).

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