All about Kavala, East Macedonia.

“SIMEONIDIS WINERY” has an enviable team-all sharing the same passion for producing quality wine-of university-trained oenologists and experts in viticulture.

“SIMEONIDIS WINERY”  makes wine using grapes from its own vineyard, comprising 7 hectares ( 17.3 acres), and from vineyards owned by local farmers.

The responsibility lies in our company. Taking advantage of the finest raw material and being encouraged by our collaboration with a great number of faithful to the tradition vineyard cultivators, we produce wines characterized by high-quality standards.

The technological awareness and know-how of the productive process in conjunction with the use of more traditional methods result in high-quality wines, characterized by the typical elements of the microclimate of the area.

In the ancient times, a town known as “Oisimi” (454 BC) spread over the area where our winery is now situated. Its habitants had also dealt with the cultivation of vineyards, wine being their only exportable product. Expert traders themselves, they had minted coins on which we find scenes of vine harvest, as well as ones depicting women of the area holding wine amphorae.

Today, we, as “SIMEONIDIS WINERY”, carry on this tradition, proving that the cultivation of the vineyard flourishes from the antiquity onwards.

We are located in the greater area of the Pageo mountain range, southwest  of Kavala and more specifically under the foothills of Mount “Symvolo”, the southern slopes of which run down to the sea. Our vineyards and those of the other farmers that provide us with their grapes (numbering as many as 20.000 in all), lie on these slopes at an altitude of between 50 to 500 meters.

The climate of this area is excellent for viticulture: the northern part is closed-off by mountains, while the southern part is open to the sea, resulting in mild winters and cool, dry summers. The land is covered with sand. The iodine-charged sea breeze wafts over the growing  area  giving our grapes high levels of sugar and fine aromas. The South facing aspect of the vineyards means that the vines are bathed in sunlight all day long. These growing conditions produce excellent raw material,excellent grapes and excellent wine.

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