All about Erythres, West-Attica.

Driving up the old national road from Elefsina to Thebes we come across the mountainous mass of Kithairona, ascending and descending its slopes, we find the area of Erythres (Kriekouki).

There, below the Attic sky and on the altitude of 450 meters, lay 5000 acres with indigenous and foreign varieties (Savvatiano, Asyrtiko, Roditis, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, ecc). At this corner of Attic land actuates SOKOS winery from 1959, using the favorite fruit of the land that is cultivated at the area since ancient Greece, reliving in that way the myth of Dionysus-Bacchus.

All that led us at the creation of Greek wines with a remarkable upturn in Greek and International market.

Our love, craft and knowledge for wine are transferred from generation to generation in purpose of descendents will be better than previous.

family sokos

Family Sokos.










Here, below the deep shadowed pine forests where Satyrs, Nymphs and Great Pan had their caves, here where wine was pouring endless at celebrations and fests, here we honour God Dionysus making art with flavours and aromas.

We strongly believe that with our continuing efforts for the quality of our products we have relived the myth of our area.

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