spondi logoThe cellar is one of the most famous in town, with more than 1.300 wine labels, from all over the world, selected by expert sommeliers.

Please their fascinating (Greek) winelist HERE.

Quoting from  “The Fine Dining”:

“Spondi was created in 1996
 by Mr Apostolos Trastelis, 
and it is situated in an historical district
 in the center of Athens, at Pagrati,  next to the splendid 
Panathenian marble stadium where took place 
the 1st modern Olympic Games in 1896.

During a short period of time Spondi gained an incredible number of awards. For Twelve consecutives years (2001-2013) was voted “Best Restaurant in Greece”, and thanks to the chef Arnaud Bignon finally got its first Michelin star in 2002. In 2008 a second Michelin star was awarded to this incredible restaurant and in2013 was voted by
 “Restaurant Magazine”
 as the 97 best restaurant in the world.

spondi int

Spondi Interior

The location itself is really fascinating.. with a wide indoor space, the real pearl is the inner court with its decorating plants and games of lights.

The service was perfect from the beginning, waiters are very professional and helpful and as a restaurant of this level requires there was a somellier too…

I think one of the best way to enjoy a gourmet restaurant is to take the tasting menu. Usually it is composed by a series of the chef signature dishes just with smaller portions. Spondi offers two different tasting menus: tapas and discovery menu. We got the discovery menu which is more complete than the tapas one and cost 128 euro per person. 


Nothing less than what you would expect from a 2 Michelin star restaurant. Nice atmosphere, impeccable service and very creative, french food. It’s a unique experience and you can see the work (both in mind and matter) that went into creating each of the dishes. One of the best starred restaurant I ever tried. So if you are not on a budget and are spending some time in Athens stop eating Souvlaki and go to Spondi!”

Please see HERE the official Spondi website.