All about Ilia, Peloponnese.

The 3- hectares vineyard lies in the area of the Pinios Delta, which belongs to the Natura – 2000 network, nearby the Ionian coast of the Western Peloponnese. Red varieties are cultivated, mainly Merlot, as well as – secondarily – Avgoustiatis, Agiorgitiko, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Grapes are farmed organically and output per hectare is limited.

Proximity to the sea, soil composition, climate, and cultivation methods, all favour the production of choice grapes that fully embody the virtues of each variety.

White Greek varieties – mainly Asyrtiko- are cultivated with the same care in a vineyard of about 1 hectare.


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The Winery.

Our modern winery, at Paleochori, Ilia Prefecture, started to operate in 2000. It comprises three levels: In the basement, the wine matures and ages in oak casks. The middle level houses the vinification facilities. Finally, the upper level has multiple functions: tank storage and bottling, reception and degustation.

The winery is specifically certified for wine production from organic grapes (Certifying Agency DIO).

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