All about Kastoria, West Macedonia.

In soils with a wide selection of Macedonian land at the foot of Mount Vitsi, on the south slope towards the lake of Kastoria at 680m altitude.The vineyard is family Stergiou which is a model organic viticulture, according to current international trends on respect for people, the consumer and the environment.

The climate is semi-continental. The extremely low winter temperatures with rain and snow and the mild dry summers characterize the climate conditions of the region. The vineyard is linear (1.00 x 2.30 m. rows) and covers 60 acres with the following composition varietal: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Xinomavro and Riesling.

The Winery.

The modern winery located in the vineyard, equipped with the most modern technology requires.
Domaine Stergiou insists makes wines from its own vineyards exclusively.
Our goal is not mass production, but the realization of a vision: the exploitation of the specificity and the microclimate of the area to create expressive wines with formality and character that reflects the site and variety that gave birth to it ..
And of course, for us, no ecosystem is not complete if it does not preserve the local cultural and social values. Respect them completes the system and reinforces its importance. We seek a balance between nature and man.

Our Place.
The settlement of the Metamorphosis
The foundation of the settlement on the northeast side of Lake Kastoria, close to the hill where the monastery once served the 9th century dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ, reaches a time before the 15th century. All residential grid area was reference the lake and the occupations of the inhabitants are always combined with the exceptional surroundings.

The formation of the great urban center of Kastoria in the early Byzantine period, near the sources of Aliakmonas, the demonstration of a separate commercial activity and determined the type of regional communities, such as Metamorphosis. Kastoria throughout the Middle Ages there was a great big military and strategic center. At the same time there has been a remarkable artistic center. Preserved Byzantine monuments from the late 9th century AD rare examples of architecture of this period, with some local features that made it stand out as a representative of the Byzantine art.

In the Ottoman tax registers of the mid 15th century the settlement Kontoropi, which is the former name of the Transfiguration, inhabited by 25 families. The specific population engaged in agriculture – farming type jobs, of which stood the cultivation of vines and various trees, while the lowest was in cereal crops. Of the 655 white (Turkish silver coins), attributable to the taxation of inhabitants, 304 were the proportion of vines.

The Metamorphosis as an old settlement carries a long tradition on the cultivation of vines and wine production.

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