All about Herakleion, Crete.


The vinicultural traits of the Strataridakis family date back to the 1950s. The privately-owned vineyard consists mainly of vines of the Holy Apostles Sinai monastery. It is located at the foot of Asterousia Mountains, in Heraklion, and it’s an important stop of the Wine Roads. The specific vineyard was obtained in 1955 by Aristides Strataridakis – Costis and Manolis father –  who immediately detected the specific topographical and geological features and cultivated it with loving care and knowledge. Visionary and innovative he didn’t hesitate to invest in the technological advances of his era while his hard work and his devotion to his land made him one of the most considerable growers of Crete.


Manolis Strataridakis



Costis and Manolis Strataridakis, both agriculturists, have taken the baton and continue with ardency their father’s work hopefully going one step further. The new-built winery of Strataridakis brothers represents, through its characteristic architecture, the basic philosophy of the owners: the harmonious combination of the tradition with the technological advancement. It is open to visitors and gives them the chance to watch all the stages of winemaking and experience the creative “celebration” that takes place from the collection of the grapes until the bottling of the wine.

Nature can be cultivated but not easily tamed, Costis claims, that’s why we work in a spirit of respect to the natural environment, having a sense of our heritage but also the responsibility to deliver to the future generations a rich and fertile land that will be able to produce unique wines. Our goal is to produce high quality wines with authentic character. The worth of the grapes depends not only on their particular variety, their quality and the place in which they grow, but as well on the way in which the vineyards are cultivated. Limiting the yield of the harvest and practicing environmental-friendly agriculture are particularly rewarded. We focus not only on varietal vinification but mostly on combinations of local and international varieties trying to capture the characteristics of the region to each bottle, Manolis says, in other words we want to offer the distinct wines of our estate, not just varietal ones.


Southernmost European vineyard.



The vineyards.

The vineyards are ideally positioned with light south-east orientation making full use of the microclimate of the area. The vines are cultivated with the traditional system «Guyot» and heavily pruned to create medium and small bunches that yield healthy fruit with full aromas and concentrated flavor. Applicable a specific plan of replanting vines with a rate of about four acres every two years. The harvest is entirely by hand and once selected bunches one by one, placed in small baskets and immediately driven to the winery for processing, thus maintaining their integrity and their form, a critical factor in creating high quality wines.



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logo graperoverThe Strataridakis wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Strataridakis Hrisafis white, PGI Crete. 83 points.

logo_xisafiswhite grapeclip60% vilana, 20% assyrtiko, 10% vidiano, 10% chardonnay.

vmlRegional: Cretan snails. World: sushi, sashimi, crustaceans, shell fish,  fried fish, grilled fat fish, deep fried squid, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverA wonderful combination of the famous Vilana with other selected aromatic types from the cretan vineyard. Vibrant gold color with light green glints. Delightful taste with balanced acidity. Fragrances of white-skinned fruits and citrus fruits blossoms in an elusive background of melon and peach.




2011 Strataridakis Vidiano, PGI Crete. 85 points.

vidiano stratawhite grapeclip100% vidiano.

vmlRegional: Sea urchin salad. World: sushi, sashimi, crustaceans, shell fish,  fried fish, grilled fat fish, deep fried squid, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverΑ spondee to the most delicate native variety of Crete. Clear yellowish colour, with slightly greenish reflections. Elegant scent, reminding of the cretan countryside aromas in autumn. Balanced flavour, strongly influenced by kiwi, but finally determined by citrus fruit, as they release a pleasant acidity for the end.




2011 Strataridakis Thalassinos, PGI Crete. 85 points.

logo_thalassoinoswhite grapeclip100% chardonnay.

vmlRegional: Monkfish. World: oysters, crustaceans, grilled fat fish, poultry, braised veal, cured pork, artichoke.

logo graperoverGolden yellow and sparkling/brilliant, rich and cool wine, flavoured with citrus and lime blossoms and a light taste of pear and fresh banana. It is a typical representative of the cosmopolitan variety “chardonnay” in its Mediterranean version. With good acidity, almost crisp, it will reveal in its impressive aftertaste an unforgettable sea breeze. It goes perfectly with many types of seafood.




2011 Strataridakis Dry Spinas Muskat, PGI Crete, 85 points.

logo_mosxato_spinaswhite grapeclip100% muskat spinas (synonym for muscat blanc a petit grains)

vmlRegional: Shrimp & urchin salad. World: oysters, crustaceans, grilled fat fish, poultry, braised veal, cured pork, asparagus.

logo graperoverWhite-yellow and limpid colour, strong blossom smells of jasmine, apricot and melon on a background of summer rain. It has a smooth but intense taste, which creates an eagerness for the next sip. Its discreet acidity combined with its smelling character, harness the exotic cuisines that are not easily washed down with wines.



2011 Strataridakis Hrisafis rose, PGI Crete. 83 points.

strata rosered grape clip40% kotsifali, 40% syrah.

vmlRegional: Pasta Tuna, peppers & capers. World: appetizers, garlic prawns or chicken, salmon salad, asian food, spicy pizza, rich pastas, cream chjeeses.

logo graperoverAn inspired rosé wine made of the French syrah and Cretan Kotsifali. Bright and clear look with intense pink color. In the mouth it is fruity, light and distinctive, with pleasant acidity and a long aftertaste. The aromas of roses and fresh pomegranate play the leading role. Light notes of spring fruits are perceived with the strawberries to prevail.



2009 Strataridakis Hrisafis red, PGI Crete. 85 points.

red kotsired grape clip60% kotsifali, 30% syrah, 10% merlot.

wine barrel6 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Roast pork. World: pork-chops, asian food, meat casseroles, coq-au-vin, duck breast, vegan dishes, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverThe Cretan Kotsifali in a fitting marriage with the cosmopolitan syrah and some merlot.
Shiny look, with bright red color. Fragrances of fresh plum, cherry and honey. Smooth and pleasant in the mouth with average body, fruity character and freshness.



2009 Strataridakis Cabernet-Kotsifali, PGI Crete. 86 points.

logo_cabernet-kotsifalired grape clip50% cabernet sauvignon, 50% kotsifali.

wine barrel18 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional: Cretan lamb ribs. World: prime red meat, spicy meat casseroles, leg of lamb, veal liver, grilled vegetables, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverFine cultivation of private slightly hilly linear vineyards in the south Crete. Deep red color with ruby glints with velvety body and buttery after-taste. Fragrances of red fruits in a background of vanilla.



2009 Strataridakis Syrah-Kotsifali, PGI Crete. 88 points.

syrah kotsired grape clip50% syrah, 50% kotsifali.

wine barrel18 months French/American oak.

vmlRegional:  World: Wine-growers lamb. World: prime red meat, spicy meat casseroles, leg of lamb, veal liver, grilled vegetables, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep ruby-red color, thick at sight with pithy taste. Fragrances of wood and red ripe fruits in a background of butter-scotch and chocolate.