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Kotsifali is a light red-skinned grape variety grown primarily on the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes, but also, to a limited extent, on the Greek mainland. Kotsifali wines tend to be corpulent and powerfully alcoholic, yet lacking in structure and color. Only a select few vineyard sites (almost all of which are on Crete) produce well-rounded varietal Kotsifali. For […]


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Dafni is a light-skinned white wine grape from Crete, brought back from the brink of extinction by a couple of dedicated wineries (ex. Lyrarakis) The name dafni is Greek for “laurel”, which, incidentally, is the defining aroma of Dafni-based wines. There is a clear parallel here with Portugal’s Loureiro, whose distinctive scent and name are both that of Laurus nobilis, the […]