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Zitza Wines, Zitsa, Epirus.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Zitsa, Epirus. History. Zoinos S.A. produces the renowned wines from grapes of the producer members of which are grown on steep slopes of limestone origin of Zitsa wine region. A fine selection of grapes, the Debina, are traditionally grown at an altitude of 700m. above sea level. They are produced by the white […]

Glinavos Domaine, Zitsa, Epirus.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Zitsa, Epirus. The Company. DOMAINE GLINAVOS is part of the living tradition of Zitsa, one of the widely known wine production areas in Greece, with some of the most interesting indigenous varieties. Zitsa is also a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). Even Lord Byron, when he visited Zitsa in 1809, praised its wine […]

Katogi Averoff, Metsovo, Epirus.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More on Metsovo, Epirus. History. When Evangelos Averoff transformed his vision into reality in the late 1950s and brought the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines to Greece, planting them on a barren mountainside in the heart of the Pindus range, he could never have imagined that his efforts to provide his birthplace with a financial boost […]


by Cornelius Wesseling

Vlahiko is a grape coming from the coldest parts of northernwestern Greece and a variety that profoundly displays in the glass its cool climate origin. It is a red grape variety, used to produce dry reds, usually aged in oak. Although traditionally blended with other varieties, wine producers and wine lovers begin to appreciate the qualities […]