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Kechri, Thessaloniki, Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. History Kechris winery is one of the most traditional family wineries of Northern Greece. It all began in 1911, when Evangelos Kechris bottled wine, introducing to the Greek market glass bottles, imported from the USA. In 1954 the company gets its recent form, as a modern winery-distillery under the name […]

2010 Kechri, The fourth Dimension.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. Bright yellow. Light viscosity. Tropical fruit aromas and flavors like mango, melon and grapefruit mingle gently with soft, oaky undertones and vivid acidity. Elegant marriage of Sauvignon blanc and the classic indigenous Assyrtic…

NV Kechri Kechribari Retsina

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. “Kechribari” stands for amber (fossilized pine tree resin). Being either loved or despised by crowds of tourists and wine-connaisseurs alike, this wine definitely out-ranks the usual mainstream Retsinas. Yellow green. Little visco…

2010 Kechri The Pine Tear

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. Light golden. Medium viscosity. If you ever sat under a “Pevka” (pine tree) on a Greek beach, this wine should bring back great memories! Soft fragrance of resin underlayes the crisp fruity tones of the splendid Assyrtiko.