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Sclavos wines, Lixouri, Kefalonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Evriviadis completed his studies of agricultural sciences in 1996 and took over the fate of the family business. As a trained agronomist, he naturally placed the focus of his work on the vineyards. From the beginning he managed his own vineyards biologically, soon afterwards he switched to biodynamics. For him, biodynamic cultivation is not a […]


by Other Contributor

Tsaoussi is a white wine variety grown primarily in Greece. Like many ancient Greek grapes, the origins of Tsaoussi are debated. Some claim it stems from Macedonia, while others believe Tsaoussi was imported from North Africa. Either way, it is now the Ionian Island of Cephalonia for which the variety is best known. Algeria, Bulgaria, Turkey and evenRussia cultivate Tsaoussi vines in the present day. It is […]


by Cornelius Wesseling

Robolla, the variety’s Italian-sounding name, together with its cultivation in the Ionian Islands located close to Italy, have led some to claim that the Robola grape variety is actually the same with the Ribolla Gialla variety cultivated in northeastern Italy. Whatever the case may be, striking differences between the two do exist, rendering Robola a truly unique and highly […]

Foivos Domaine, Kefalonia, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More info on Kefalonia, Ionion Islands. Ever since last century, the Winery, under the trademark Mantzavino, has been producing some of the finest Greek wines that gained fame all over the world, preserving a long family tradition at Paliki, Kefalonia (also spelled Cephalonia). This chapter was brought to an end in 1996. From 1999 onwards, Foivos […]

Gentilini Winery, Kefalonia, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Kefalonia, Ionion Islands. WHO WE WERE THEN … Gentilini was the family name of Spiro Nicholas Kosmetatos’ paternal grandmother, Marianna, the last of a long noble lineage. Marino Gentilini, an Italian army engineer, was commissioned by the Venetian Senate in 1593 to build the extensive Assos fortifications on Kefalonia). He eventually married and […]

Robola Coop, Kephalonia, Ionion Islands.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Kefalonia, Ionion Islands. In 1982, the growers of the Robola Zone, in order to ensure their income, to protect and at the same time highlight the dynamic of Cephalonian Vineyard, armed with experience and knowledge, founded the Robola Cooperative of Cephalonia which currently comprises of 300 members. The first gathering of grapes was […]