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by Cornelius Wesseling

Moschofilero (Greek Μοσχοφίλερο) is an aromatic white grape of Greek origins with a pink/purple skin and quite spicy flavor with good acidity. Grown throughout much of Greece and primarily inPeloponnese in the Mantinia Winery where it is traditionally used to make a dry and bold wine with lots of spice and perfume. It is characterized by a “rose garden’ bouquet and is usually paired with fresh fruit or […]

Skouras Domaine, Argolis, Peloponnesos.

by Cornelius Wesseling

More info on Argolis, Nemea, Peloponnesos. About Domaine Skouras Delectable, everyday, value-for-money wines. Inspired and inspiring bottles. Unforgettable vintages. Minuscule quantities.Magnificent occasions. Bold, confident winemaking. Winning teams both at home and around the world. All they define the unique approach of Domaine Skouras. At Skouras, we do not make just wine. We flirt with whites that turn heads. We are flamboyant with our intense […]