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Troupis Winery, Mantinia, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Mantinia, Peloponnese. The Troupis Winery is located in the heart of the Mantineia vineyards at an altitude of 700 m. in the area known as Fteri. Ioannis Troupis’ family has been involved in the wine industry since the mid-1970s when they cultivated vines primarily for trading their products but also for making wine […]

Kokkalis Estate, Ilia, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Ilia, Peloponnese. The story of Christos Kokkalis is well known – he is the man who was a pharmacist in Germany for most of his life, then decided to sell out and start making wine in Greece. He wanted to show the world that great quality could be produced in Greece. He had […]

Peppas Winery, Nemea, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Nemea, Peloponnese. The vineyards of the Peppas family in Ancient Nemea – that is in size one of the biggest in the region- are cultivated with the philosophy of ataining the highest quality of grapes, the protection of the environment, but also the respect to the consumer of the final product that for […]

Bizios Estate, Nemea, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Nemea, Peloponnese.   The winery Ktima Bizios was founded by Elia Bizios in 1998, following in the footsteps of his father, who started the family business 50 years ago, and in which he himself deals from a young man. His aim is the creation of superior wines of high quality. Our efforts are […]

Koutsodimos Winery, Nemea, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Nemea, Peloponnese. In the heart of the plain of Nemea, a region where the philosophy of hard work for success is deeply rooted in a history thousands of years old, where the superlative vibrant Agiorgitiko grape variety is produced, is our new ultramodern winery. There is a simple recipe behind every success. Ours […]

Egkalos, Arcadia, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Arcadia, Peloponnese. “Egkalos” Company was established in 2011 and its activity includes production, standardization and trading with wine and olive oil, products of the soil of Mountainous Arcadia, and named after the homonymous region in Tropea. Egalos is a location in Arcadia, where lately vines of the best Greek varieties are planted and grown. […]

Rira Vineyards, Aigio, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Aigio, Peloponnese. Panagiotis Tsitsas, owner and soul of RIRA vineyards, first learnt to love and appreciate the good wine as a worldwide consumer. To turn this whole experience and passion into reality, he dreamed of growing his own vineyard in his birthplace – the region of Aigialeia.             It […]

Orfanos Domaine, Corinth, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Corinth, Peloponnese. We are a small family business that started producing small amounts of wine in the early 90s. By 2008 we had built our own organic winery, equipped with the finest modern equipment and certified by Bioellas and in 2011 we expanded into the installation of photovoltaic systems on the rooftop of […]

Patraiki Cooperative, Patras, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Patras, Peloponnese. The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Patras, known as PATRAIKI WINES, is a second level agricultural cooperative organization, founded in 1918 in Patras, in Achaia region. With almost 100 years of presence, Patraiki counts now 108 members (first level cooperative unions inside the borders of the old province of Patras), that […]

Dionyssos Winery, Corinth, Peloponnese.

by Cornelius Wesseling
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All about Corinth, Peloponnese. The company has by now gained the experience which meets the demands of today’s market. Our wish is to maintain high standards and for that reason our wine experts are always busy selecting the best quality of vineyards in Greece. In the company’s modern facilities, in Leheo Korinthias, we produce fine […]