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Stavroto is a dark-skinned grape variety grown exclusively in Thessalia, Greece. The grape is used as a blending agent for the wines of Rapsani, on the foothills of Mount Olympus. Together with Krasato and Xynomavro, Stavroto is a required ingredient of wines bearing the Rapsani appellation on their label. The ruby-red color of Rapsani wines is attributed to Stavroto as well as its ability […]

Thessaly subregions.

by Cornelius Wesseling

            Please see HERE the Thessaly wineries. Thessalia (Thessaly) is an administrative region in mainland Greece, bordered by Greek Macedonia, Central Greece and the Aegean Sea. While it is not the best known of Greece’s wine regions, either viticulturally or historically, it has a thriving wine industry that is mostly located in the mountains […]

Holland, Amersfoort, rest./wine-bar Pallas Athena.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Right in the heart of the Medieval town of Amersfoort you will find a true Greek Oasis:  Restaurant / winebar Pallas Athene.   Innovative Greek cuisine, extensive wine list, knowlegable service, and warm ambiance, have made the Pallas Athene restaurant a staple in Amersfoort. Since 1992 winelover Kostas Georgiadis runs his restaurant with unstoppable energy. […]

Dougos Winery, Larissa, Thessaly.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Larissa, Thessaly. History. Dimitrios Dougos, a vine nursery owner in profession, initially started wine making as an amateur, driven by his passion for vineyards in 1983. He travelled extensively in V.Q.P.R.D areas and bought the best quality grapes, which he then used to make wine for his own use and that of friends. […]

Tsantali Rapsani, Thessaly.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Rapsani, Mt. Olympus, Thessaly. Rapsani is a small town at the foothills of Mount Olympus, symbol of the Hellenic spirit and freedom, and cultural landmark of Hellenism. Thousands of mountaineers who reach the peak of Mt. Olympus, exhausted from the difficult ascent, have gazed at the wondrous surroundings from the same point from […]

Holland, Centre, Rest. Odyssey.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Quality food and wines, cordial service and a great ambiance are the key-words, describing Greek restaurant Odyssey in Geldermalsen, Holland. Located in the centre of Holland, between the cities of Utrecht and Den Bosch, this restaurant, run by Georgios Klazidis, has a trendy, amiable interior. Besides the mouth-watering Greek dishes they serve here, there is a […]

Netherlands, Almere, Goods & More.

by Cornelius Wesseling

A medium sized importer of wines and olive oil from the country of Dionysos: Their wine range from Greece is based on quality with a friendly price. how to enlarge penile length naturally Compared to their size, Goods & More has quite an impressive portfolio of Greek quality wines: a total of 49 wines from […]

Netherlands, Barendrecht, Greek Wines.

by Cornelius Wesseling

Greek Wines, The Netherlands was initiated by Martin van der Heiden (ex banker) five years ago because of his admiration for the quality and uniqueness of Greek wines. In those five years he established a steadily growing interest in Greek wines from restaurant owners and sommeliers. Martin's customers are mainly non-Greek restaurant owners in the middle […]

2008 Chrisohoou Rapsani

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. Brilliantly deep ruby. Dense. Developed aroma’s of fig, prune, red currant, and medium toast. Harmoniously interacting flavors like plum, prune, black currant (cassis), vanilla, black pepper. Pleasant acidity. Medium/full body. Ro…

2005 Tsantali Rapsani Grand Reserve

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. Dense purple. good viscosity. Expressive aroma’s of cherry, blackberry, black currant (cassis). Modest tones of forest floor, smokey bacon, and vanilla. Gentle flavors of raspberry, blackberry. A dash of black olive, clove, and ce…