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Malamatina, Chalkis, Evia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Chalkis, Evia. The Retsina Malamatina is produced exclusively from Greek varieties of grapes and Savatiano Rhoditis. The winemaking is done by the method of white wine [;] temperature controlled by selecting only the “foam” the must (the prorrogo) thereby achieving the characteristics color, aroma, flavor, and quality. Quality retsina Malamatina ensure the well-to-date facilities of wineries […]

Kourtakis Wines, Markopoulo, East Attica.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Markopoulo, East Attica. The first Greek Wine Cellars winery was established in the early 20th century (1905) by the company founder, and grandfather of the company’s current CEO, Vassilis Kourtakis. To date, since its founding, the Markopoulo winery has steadily expanded in size as well as facilities. Today, this winery is almost entirely […]

Retsina: Sushi’s best friend!

by Cornelius Wesseling

Sushi with retsina A imaginable at first sight, the combination of the “Greek national wine” our popular flavors of Japanese cuisine, we were pleasantly surprised. The idea of a delicious sushi game harmony with Retsina was the sommelier Maria Katsoulis; through repeated for a year at each team meeting. Finally … Tuck. We ordered sushi at Nori ( , tel […]

Kechri, Thessaloniki, Macedonia.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia. History Kechris winery is one of the most traditional family wineries of Northern Greece. It all began in 1911, when Evangelos Kechris bottled wine, introducing to the Greek market glass bottles, imported from the USA. In 1954 the company gets its recent form, as a modern winery-distillery under the name […]

NV Kechri Kechribari Retsina

by Cornelius Wesseling

Tasted by GrapeRover. “Kechribari” stands for amber (fossilized pine tree resin). Being either loved or despised by crowds of tourists and wine-connaisseurs alike, this wine definitely out-ranks the usual mainstream Retsinas. Yellow green. Little visco…