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Vakakis Wines, Samos, North Aegean.

by Cornelius Wesseling

All about Samos, North Aegean. The company was founded in 2011. Vision of Vakaki Wines is the creation of limited bottles of premium wines. In the production of products, the company gives all the attention to the selection of raw materials and the winemaking process. Simultaneously, the company seeks from its beginnings to bring unknown […]

North Aegean Islands subregions.

by Cornelius Wesseling

              Please see HERE the wineries of the North Aegean Islands. Lying virtually between two continents, Europe and Asia, the islands of the north-eastern Aegean comprise the principle islands of Chios, Lemnos, Samos, Lesvos, Agios Efstratios,Psara, Oinousses, Ikaria and Fourni. They actually set the eastern borders of the Aegean Sea and spread along the coasts of neighbouring Turkey. […]

Samos Wine Cooperative.

by Cornelius Wesseling

more on Samos Island HISTORY The Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS) was founded in 1934, involving 25 local cooperatives representing all the wine growers of the island. Union with nature, stood from the beginning essential relief to farmers to protect their rights against the merchants. From its inception until today, the EOSS collect […]