All about Achaia, Peloponnese.

Welcome to our boutique winery which produces quality wines from organically grown grapes.

Small stainless steel tanks connected with temperature controll system, pneumatic pressures, the use of gravity for transfer of must and wines, with respect to tradition and use of innovation technics we express the characteristics of terroir and varieties of roditis, malagousia, black of Kalavryta, agiorgitiko, sauvignon blanc, merlot and cabernet sauvignon.


The brothers Aristides and Stathis Spanos, having grown in tis area, found it absolutely natural to be involved in grape growing and wine production early in their lives. They aborted general organic farming and despite their other activities, the love for the vineyards and wine led them to more dynamic activity. In 1999 they met Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, an oenologist ,who also comes from the area, and they produce the first bottles of tetramythos. In the years that  follow new vineyards are planted and in 2003 starts the construction of a tasteful winery which is completed in 2004.




The winery building, impressive and tastfull, is in absolute harmony with the surrounding environment. The inside of the building designed with attention to the smallest detail,remains fuctional and looks nothing like a factory. This is due to the wooden roof,the carved stones,the wood,and the farming tools lying around which were used in the  past in grape growing and wine making.

Small stainless tanks connected to a central refrigeration system provide small scale wine making per variety and vineyard. The wine cellar with the oak barrels ,brings back memories of the past.

At Ano Diacopto of Aegialia.on the slopes of mountain Aroania,in the area of high quality wine production of Patras,an attractive winery is looking forward to your visit.


In an area renowned since antiquity for the excellent quality of its grapes and wine(notably Pausanias  refers to the villages of Aegialia as ideal for the growing of vineyards) we have grown for years our vineyards following melticulously and with enthusiasm the principles of organic farming.

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