The 20 best Greek wines the 2012 Oinos

These are the 20 wines of the Greek vineyard who got the highest ratings by the team oinos the past year. The good news is that the majority of the wines come from Greek varietal or blend which brings Greek varieties.




Location: Epanomí 
Variety: Petite Syrah, Cabernet Franc

The only information in the tag hanging at the neck of the bottle told us about the varieties involved in the blend, for making wine that is classic red and 15 months aging in French wine barrels. Also bottling was untreated and remained for reductive aging in bottle for an additional 9 months.

A microvinification the talented winemaking consultant, oenologist Apostle Matam, that the characteristics of the wine we determined the time since they do not bear the year winemaking tab, circa 2003. Admirable wine without being fancy has a wonderful set of flavors expressed through his unique style with clarity and intensity. 
Deep garnet color with medium brown meniscus. Nose revealed rich complex aromas, sweet plum, blackberry, black cherry, currant, cassis and tobacco inside “an environment of sweet spice and hints of polished leather. Perceived becomes volatile and presence that contributes to the bouquet. The mouth is perfectly balanced, ripe tannins that reach every millimeter soft, medium + body, medium + alcohol (13.5 to 14% is not mentioned in tag) and persistent fruity aftertaste with a sense juicy black fruit. A combination of finesse, strength and depth of a great creation at its peak. Unfortunately by that learned later it was a one-off experimental winemaking released in a few bottles. Congratulations to the producer, wish to enjoy and other such qualitative microvinification.

Score :18-20


19. Aglianico 2002 Hadjimichalis

Location: Opountia Lokridas

Variety: Aglianico

An ancient Greek grape variety, popular nowadays in Central and Southern Italy. One of the best wines we’ve ever tasted from the estate Hatzimichalis. Highly dynamic and rebellious in his youth, surprisingly balanced now after several years of aging. Reminiscent excellent examples related wines from the neighboring country, as Antinori-Tormaresca – Bocca di Lupo & Taurasi – Feudi di San Gregorio.

Deep cardinal color with modest brick meniscus, his charming nose offers enchanting aromas of ripe fruit, cherry, blueberry, licorice, chocolate, ash, hints of exotic spices and wonderful votanikotita. Rich palette, firm structure, ripe almost sweet tannins, ripe fruit sincere and long seductive finish. At its best.

Price: 17 €

Rating: 18 to 20


18. TAOS 2005 Parparousis

Location: Patras Achaia Peloponnese PGI 
Variety: Mavrodaphne

The neglected for long dry version Mavrodaphne-a major player off-axis Nemea Naoussa-occurs with claims through the winery Parparoussis. 
A very serious winemaker gives us a graceful example of this. Color deep purple, almost impenetrable, with ruby highlights. Nose with complexity, where spring dark forest fruits, alternating with dried fruit, spices and intense suspicion botanical character. Where the suspicion becomes certainty, is the mouth, where the plum and black fruits pass the background almost completely as-desirable-the exquisite botanical character unfolds dominated by sage and eucalyptus close to the wet bay leaves.Robust, with volume, richness and concentration, displayed his body, without neokosmitikous gimmicks. In combination with very good acidity and soft tannins well worked, plus the fact that it does not exceed the-psychological-limit of 13.5 degrees, composes a very balanced set that exudes finesse and anticipated longevity. Aftertaste long, deep and intense.

A totally idiosyncratic wine with a strong identity. Ideal match description with chounkiar beyiendi, and cooked stew with beef. The most nonconformist and elitist mood will find harmony with wild boar with prunes and deer with pomegranate glaze, and generally hunt with heavy sauces. Good now until 2022. –

Price: 21 €

Score :18-20


17. Lateralization 2007 red Biblia Chora Estate

Location: Kokkinochori Kavala Paggaio PGI 
Variety: 85% Merlot, 15% Aghiorghitiko

A new proposal from the Estate Biblia Chora, two new labels with the name lateralization. The red lateralization, a combination Limnio and Merlot and white lateralization, a blend of Chardonnay and Assyrtiko. 
To name of the wine is derived from chess. The officer always move sideways.

In view of the ruby ​​with purple hues appear in the first position with aromas of dried fruit. The plum and cherry are visible. The barrel has a special balance with flavors of chocolate and nuts such as almonds. In the mouth, the body is medium to full intensive aromas and tannins. The long aftertaste along with meat dishes containing herbs and red sauce finds the best combination. The choice of chocolate will perfectly complement the 15% alc.

Price: 19,50 euro

Rating: 18 to 20


16. Enstikto Grand Collection white 2010 Silva

Location: Siwa, Crete

Variety: Chardonnay 80% – 20% Bidiano

Crete in the spotlight.

The enstikto white 2010, vinified using the pre-fermentation extraction and aged for 4 months in French oak barrels. Has moderate lemonoprasino color, elegant nose moderately aromatic intensity, pleasant aromas of citrus fruits, dried apricots, nectarines, passage acacia flowers and distinctive barrel, while not go unnoticed hints of dried herbs. In the mouth sealed the excellent cooperation between the two varieties as Chardonnay contributes to structure and depth and Vidiano adds aromatic complexity-which successfully carry out and nose-. Lemony acidity, creamy texture, alcohol 13.5% and elegant aromas of vanilla on the long finish. A wine aristocratic structure, honesty and important sense of balance.

Price: 10 €

Score :18-20


15. Samos Nectar 2006

Location: Samos 
Variety: Muscat mikrororo

A wine that sweeps awards internationally, not only because of its excellent quality but also because of its unbeatable price-quality ratio. 
The Samos Nectar produced by the method vin naturellement doux (sweet natural wine). Selected overripe grapes from the best and most mountainous vineyards, once dried in the sun, and pressed starts slow fermentation. The levels of sugars can reach 360gr/litro and, for this reason selected yeasts resistant to alcohol. At the end of fermentation we have about 14% alcohol content and ~ 130g residual sugar.

The most historic wine Union, after three years of residence in an oak barrel has moderate + amber color with golden highlights. Intoxicating sweet nose with aromas of raisin, dried sweet fruits, honey and sweet spices. Exuberant palette, good acidity for the quantity of sugar to be taken up, full body, alcohol 14% and long in duration aftertaste. 
Price: 11 € 
Rating: 18 to 20


14. Shares Tsantalis 1998

Location: Shareholder Chromitsa, Agioritikos local wine

Variety: Cabernet sauvignon, Limnio

One of the finest Greek red wines produced in the ’90s. A wonderful example of ethereal wine combines richness and finesse. This wine has a wily femininity that makes it extremely attractive.

Now 14 years after the vintage shows robust inclination to compare even with peers classified chateaux of Bordeaux. Deep red color, lovely complex nose which offers abundant aromas of ripe black fruit mixed with aromas of licorice, cassis, cedar, leather, touch mushroom and dried herbs.Luscious palette, robust structure, velvety tannins, alcohol 13% and long in duration fruity aftertaste.Haute couture sample of Mount Athos vineyard Tsantali. Best 2015.

Price: 22 €

Rating: 18 to 20


13. BLUE FOX 2009 Kir-Yianni

Area Protected Geographical Indication Imathia

Variety Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Xinomavro

“September 2009. It’s late at night and the moon is full. The harvest has just finished. I’m on the estate, sitting beneath the oak and I have the feeling of tiredness. Suddenly jumps a fox through the vine. LOOK. Probably little one, because frightened and flee back into the vines. It is light, the mood, the desire, I do not know … But, I like blue. Leaves me with magic and with a name that I give to our new wine: Blue Fox. “

Stellios Mpoutaris

To this wine tasted in a row with other and despite the high temperature and fatigue stood alone. He made that alone category.

The face is-actually-and this blue with medium intensity nose and complex aromas of ripe red fruit at first, like plum and blackcurrant. 14.9 Alcohol in combination with the 14 month aging in French oak barrels and further reductive maturation in bottle for a further six months makes fruit to be vanilla, mocha and I think truffle. On the palate the tannins are full and accompany the full body while combined with high acidity contribute to a rich structure giving a long and fruity aftertaste. Aromas prevail again is eucalyptus and spices always holding permanent position in red and black fruits.

The rationale for this wine from international varieties was to highlight the international dimension of the Greek vineyard and I imagine even better, if it ever more quantity Xinomavro.

For some combination of foreign varieties with 5% Xinomavro might have a chance again to comment negatively on the whole idea. But their “hear” with love as told and the fox in the little prince. “Only with the heart see well! The substance of the eyes do not see it! “

Price Casket 3 bottles / 99,60 e

Rating 18/20



Location: Argos, Peloponnese 
Variety: Aigiorgitiko 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 20%

One of the few bright examples of consistency and reliability. We tested the Great Wine 2003 bottle of Magnum, a few days ago, finding once again that this wine is one of the top Greek wines, combining elegance, power and depth that result in the harmonious evolution through time. 
Full malolactic fermentation in barrel matured for 18 months in new French oak barrels and 6 months in bottle. It has a deep ruby color, expressive nose with lovely aromas of ripe fruit, black cherry, blueberry, licorice, smoke, and hints of barrel spice. Generous in the mouth, has excellent concentration and firm structure expressed with elegance presenting a balanced whole. Stable, mature tannins, velvety texture, juicy fruits, sweet spices, medium + body, alcohol 12.5% ​​and long fruity aftertaste. Enjoyable now, but with development potential over the next eight years.

Price: 19 € (40 € bottle Magnum) 
Rating: 18 to 20



Location: Adriani Drama

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc 55%, Ugni Blanc 30%, Semillon 15%

When I visited the estate Oinogenesis few years ago and tried it for the first time in ten of the barrel, I found that it was a matter of time for Buck to pull out a wine worthy of the expectations it had created.

With Ten 2009, I think it has come close to market requirements, and the goals he had thesei.To this wine is one of the most beautiful and fully Bordeaux like Greek white wines. Now in its second crop of shows incredible maturity, excellent structure and flourishing mood for aging. Aged for 5 months in different types of barrels.

The Ten Oinogenesis 2009 is bright medium lemon color with light green hues, the nose of the young emerging complex aromas of mango, pineapple, lime, ginger, grapefruit, citrus notes and elegant aromas barrel. Complex, balanced palette, almost creamy, refreshing acidity, ripe fruit and toasted wood, alcohol 12.5% ​​and long vanilla finish. It can be enjoyed now, but if you willing to wait this wine will reward you with the expected evolution anytime this decade.

Price: 17 €

Rating: 18 to 20


10. Magic Mountain 2006 Nico Lazaridi

Location: Adriani Drama 
varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc

Of the varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, followed classic red vinification with long extraction and 16-month maturation in new French oak barrels.

One of the most well-established brand in the minds of wine lovers and not unjustly. Deep ruby ​​color, the nose of the young emerge elegant aromas of red and black fruits, such as currants, black cherries, cassis and cedar aromas and vanilla. The palette juicy berries and sweet spices, poudrates tannins, 13.9% alcohol, full body and long in duration aftertaste. Charming and velvety wine, best by 2022. We tried it with milk beef steak grilled in the oven marinated in red wine, shallots, savory and oregano to wine & dine with wines of the estate of Nico Lazaridi Azzurro bar restaurant.

Price: 27 €

Rating: 18 to 20


9. Santorini barrel 2010 Argyros

Location: Diocese of Santorini

Variety: 100% Assyrtiko

One of the things that makes us very happy when it comes to making wine, where the wine is intended for this purpose, are made from vibrant variety Assyrtiko. But what excites us incredibly, is where these wines come from to the unique land of Santorini.

The barrel Argyros Santorini 2010, produced from selected grapes from vineyards 150 years and fermentation in new French oak barrels of 500 liters for 6 months.

The Santorini barrel 2010 is moderate lemon color with green hues, the nose (if somewhat closed) brings an attractive bouquet of fresh yellow fruit, citrus zest, herbs and mineral notes in an environment of new barrel. Exuberant mouth, dry, high acidity, fresh fruit and mineral with the presence of a barrel again, but without it, alcohol 13.5% and long aftertaste of yellow fruit and mineral. A classy Assyrtiko, intensely complicated, it takes a little more time to fully integrate the barrel and show top class. Best 2020.

Fits smoked oily fish, fish sauce, white meat with white sauce and aged and smoked cheeses.

Price: 14 €

Rating: 18 to 20


8. 2009 Sigalas Santorini Barrel

Location: Oia, Santorini

Variety: Assyrtiko

From the ancient plain of Oia, pluripotent Assyrtiko one of the most respected publications.

This wine is fermented in French oak barrels and matured along with the lees for 6 months. Two years after the release of the sassy new look even with bright lemon color and the nose shows a wine with immense confidence, offering a strange yet wonderful combination of citrus flavors, soft touch white flowers and flint, under the discreet presence barrel. In the mouth, oily texture, with rigorous acidity and a unique complex citrus, mineral, salt and sited wood which make a beautiful island, perfect to accompany grilled fish with cod-lovely fur and sterile grilled – and white meats with spicy sauces.Alcohol 13.5% better than 2016.

Price: 15 €

Score :18-20


7. Earth and Sky 2009 Thymiopoulos

Location: Trilofos Imathia 
Variety Xinomavro

The style of the wines Thymiopoulos (heaven and earth) could be compared with class wine called «Garage wines’.

The much talked about group of innovative winemakers in the region of Bordeaux, which appeared in the mid-1990s, gave a new style wines more fruity and soft, unlike the traditional style of a very tannic red Bordeaux, which require long aging in bottle. The garagistes developed a style much more affordable to international flavors.

Who would expect that wines like Château Valandraud of Jean-Luc Thunevin started to be sold 13 € before 20 years would be enough to exceed 350 € for the 2009 vintage, the most expensive-many years-wine world of Le Pin, would this unexpected development?

Low yields from old vines and maturation in a farm building basement without addition of hardware, result in exact registration of a particular terroir,

That is the Earth and Sky 2009. A terroir wine produced in very small quantities and, unfortunately almost 90% of production goes to foreign markets.

Deep purple color, wonderful fruity bouquet flooded with aromas of raspberry, wild strawberry, cassis, dried tomato and hints of cedar and spice. The palette excellent harmony, equilibrium and beautiful expression of fruit. Velvety tannins, crisp acidity, high alcohol (14.5%), a fully integrated, full body and elegance in long-lasting aftertaste. An impressive xinomavro that combines formality and exotic character will probably close in the next 2-3 years and will reemerge for 12 years. 
Price: 17 € 
Rate :18-20


6. Mavrodaphne Reserve 2000 Cavino

Location: Patras

Variety: Mavrodaphne 70%, 30% Black Corinthian

Grapes after receipt knead and extracted in the tank, approximately 4 days under controlled conditions.Then stopping fermentation by adding alcohol, thereby maintaining a portion of the grape sugars in the final product. From the crop of 2000, selected 27 barrels of 225 liters with the best features, in which the wine was aged for 7 years and at least another 4 years in bottle. Bottled 10,000 bottles.

Mavrodaphne Reserve Cavino 2000, has a deep cardinal color with wide brick meniscus This aristocratic nose offers wonderfully sweet aromas of dried fruits, prunes, raisins, hints of kirsch, chocolate, mint, candied nuts and a wide range of sweet spices and mahlepi kakoules up nutmeg and cinnamon. Hedonistic sweet palette deservedly backed by the acidity, allowing complex aromas lead to effortlessly expressive long lasting sweet aftertaste. Excellent quality Mavrodaphne, enjoy now and over the next decade certainly has to offer distinct emotions.

Price: 22 € (500ml.)

Rating: 18 + (92/100)


5. Gerovassiliou red 1998

Location: Epanomí

Variety: Syrah, Merlot, Grenache Rouge

Of the most interesting tests lately, it was a vertical and horizontal tasting, a lovely afternoon in late September in Gerovassiliou.

One of the wines that we stood out in particular a Gerovassiliou red, vintage 1998 Aged patiently all these years in the cellar of the estate within 5 liter bottle!

We have mentioned many times in separate pleasures Generously sized bottles and tasting wine from this bottle did not remain only confirm the rule.

Deep cardinal color, expressive nose clean, without a trace of fatigue, with aromas of ripe black fruit, wild plum, licorice, elegant aromas of oak and spice notes. In the rich palette, ripe tannins, silky texture, great purity and clarity of fruit, spice notes of leather remaining until its long finish. Best 2015.

Rating: 18 +


4. Anny’s Animus 2001 Tsolis Winery

Location: Mouzaki Messinia

Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is aged in French oak barrels for nearly two years and “rested” in the bottle for 24 months.

The result is an excellent example of Cabernet Sauvignon, the finest winemaking variety on Greek soil.Deep cardinal color with moderate brick meniscus, seductive nose with ethereal aromas of raspberry, black cherry, currant, cedar, scorched earth, spice, vanilla and eucalyptus. Rich mouth, gentle tannins, ripe fruit and a sense of oak, medium + body and delightful aftertaste that lasts. An elegant Cabernet that combines subtlety and depth. At his best.

Price: 29 €

Rating: 18 +


Three. Karydas Exclusive 1997

Location: Upper Hull, Naoussa

Variety: Xinomavro 55%, Cab. Sauvignon – Merlot 45%

One of the first vinification of small, but with great wines, the estate of Naoussa and one of the two labels produces. 
production of the estate does not exceed 12,000 bottles annually and is sold out, since the labels of the estate Karydas demonstrate excellent relationship quality – price. 
The Exclusive 1997, stole the impressions for once. Remained 24 months in French oak barrels giving the elegant notes of cedar, incorporated with the wonderful aromas of ripe blackberry, sous-Bois, strawberry, black cherry, dried tomato mushroom and spice notes to uniquely charming bouquet. This beautiful arrangement filled with well structured palette, full power, robust ripe tannins, high acidity, alcohol 13% and impressively long finish.

Wines real pearls for wine lovers, wine is not easily reconciled with time. 
Price: 12,30 € (Current year) 
Rating: 18 +


Two. OVILOS White 2011 Magnum

Location: PGI Pangaion 
Variety: 50% Semillon, 50% Assyrtiko

From the top Greek white wines, the white Ovilos always has a seductive beauty expressed with impressive aromatic intensity and complexity while retaining a sleek overall profile.

Harmonious marriage Assyrtiko and Semillon and about 8 months stay in the barrel, result lemonoprasinou a wine-colored, gorgeous bouquet that will leave no one indifferent and from which emerge aromas of stone fruit, honey, tropical fruit and lemongrass, accompanied by aromas of dried herbs and soft notes of fumed oak. Mouth exuberant, lemony acidity, plenty of juicy fruit with hints of vanilla and votanikotitas, Alcohol 13.5% and long lemony acidity. We did not expect anything less from a top Greek white wine. Particularly enjoyable even in its youth by 2020.

Price: 30 € 1,5 lt.

Rating: 18 +


1. Mylos Assyrtiko selectionne Santorini 2008 Hadjidakis

Location: Tower Kallisti, Santorini 
Variety: Assyrtiko

The particular expression of a unique terroir is reflected in a wine that has all the characteristics of Assyrtiko and attaches to another dimension. 
absolute sense of clarity in a wine from vines that age he surpassed the century and hence data general conditions on the island of the Cyclades, we have very low yield per hectare (> 20hl/he).

Fermentation with selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks and maturation on the fine lees for 10 months. Bottled unfiltered and without added sulfur. 
Mylos To 2008, has moderate gold color, which shows the evolution of the remarkable complexity in the nose driven by mineral flavors which are complemented by aromas of citrus, dried flowers and honey will seduced enthusiastic lovers of dry Madeira. In the mouth, a coalition of high sharp acidity, mineral and saline characteristics, impressive density and tall alcohol (15%) have resulted in an extraordinary wine with persistent aftertaste, made ​​to excite and worry experienced palates. Best 2015.Limited production of 2,600 bottles (2008) 
Price: 19 € 
Rating: 18 +