All about Thebes, Central Greece.

  • Production of authentic, quality wines guided by modern tastes and sense of harmony.
  • Harnessing the potential of the region and its vineyards, systematically investing in manpower and equipment.
  • Maintaining an excellent relationship quality – price of its wines.
  • Create sincere and beneficial relationship with their partners.
  • Emergence of wine as an ideal partner everyday and celebration and a key element of Greek food

According to one version of mythology, God of wine Dionysus was born in the region of Central Greece and specifically in Thebes, which means that the center of wine production in our country is rooted in Thebes. The region is famous for its white wines from the varieties Savatiano and Rhoditis.

The Trypio Lithari is a rock carved in the mountain Paliambela Sphinx. This is a canal dug in stone, at least 200 years ago and was used by the monks – winegrowers in the area, to step on the grapes and the must carry the vines with natural flow in the cellar.

Thivaki vineyard

Thivaiki Ghi vineyard.

The vineyard has been abandoned for reasons not entirely known (perhaps because of phylloxera) and later eradicated completely, giving way to other crops.

The winery Thebian land is part of the Wine Producers Association of Central Greece ( and the Wine Roads of Helicon (along with the Estate Muses). Be visited after a telephone consultation every day and weekends. For group visits are necessary appointment.

The area has a remarkable variety of landscapes. The interest accruing to the numerous archaeological sites and museums, the beautiful beaches, the ski center in Fterolakka Parnassus, the picturesque mountain town of Arachova and pure nature. The modern tourist infrastructure of the county is ideal for summer and winter holidays, but also for outings on weekends.

The city of Thebes is of great historical and archaeological interest. Local attractions include the ruins of the palace of Cadmus, foundations of the temple of Apollo, Mycenaean tombs, Christian catacombs, medieval tower and several remarkable Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches. It is also worth visiting the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, which includes findings from the city and from across Boeotia. The Vlach wedding, which takes place on Shrove Tuesday at Thebes, is a top tourist attraction, as it attracts a large number of visitors. Parnassus has many steep peaks, thus allowing for interesting trails and rock climbing.

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