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Titus Titakis, born in 1909, founded in the late ’50s, the first winery in the village of Kalloni, birthplace of the family, situated 1 km south of the Prose for Houdetsi. At this winery produced the first small quantities of bulk wine. The eldest son, Nicholas, proudly backing of his wife Angelica, opened in the late 10 EtAc 80 (1987) shop in the center of Heraklion , they have the traditional bulk Cretan wine in taverns and public locals .


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Today, the company in these packs has 7 different types of table wines ( white, rose, red, resin, Sweet White, Sweet Red, Merlot ), which are distinguished for their superb quality and fashionable appearance. starts in 2005 selective bottling Cretan Local Wines with labels Vin de Crete Titakis , and of Heraklion Regional Wines MERLOT-CHARDONNAY from the family vineyard. In 2006, the winery Titakis following international developments, invest in a new and promising package fresh wine bottle PET , which has table wines Titakis in bottle PET O, 75lt andPET 1.5 LT .  since 2008, the winery participates in Wines of Crete , in Heraklion Network Winemakers and the Wine Roads Heraklion aimed at developing cooperation between the inoparagogon of Crete and the joint presentation of Cretan wine .

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