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In ancient Greece, ΄΄Koios Oenos΄΄ (wine from the island of Kos) was famous and Hippocrates, the island’s renowned ancient Greek physician, who was born here at about 460 BC, advised people to consume it. But over the centuries, the island’s vineyards were abandoned.

Today however, the Triantafyllopoulos family is committed to putting Kos on the wine map again. Some 20 hectares (50 acres) have been meticulously planed with indigenous Greek and cosmopolitan grape varieties on the island’s most suitable soil, that is the region of Asfendiou and the region of mary wineryKardamena.






Both white and red varieties have adapted perfectly to the island’s microclimate and judging from the 2002, 2003 and 2004 harvests, Oinampelos wines show tremendous potential. The new ultra-modern winery at Miniera Asfendiou completes the picture and underlines both the dedication and the vision of the Triantafyllopoulos family to produce wines of unique character for today’s wine of enthusiast and sophisticated consumer as well.

So do enjoy our island and taste our wines. We believe you will understand our country and its people better!

The only drawback (for most readers, unfortunately…) is that just a handful of the wines produced leave the island, whereas outside of Greece these wines are almost impossible to obtain. The only way to make sure you can enjoy the outstanding quality of these wines is to travel to the Island itself, which is by no means a handicap if you like sunny beaches, hospitable islanders, excellent food and an accommodation-range from a camping-site to 5-star luxury hotels.

winery iconPlease see HERE the official website of Triantafyllopoulos Vineyards.

shopEvery year’s harvest is sold on Kos island to restaurants, hotels and shops: so pack your bags!

logo graperoverThe wines of Triantafyllopoulos Vineyards tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Triantafyllopoulos Lefkos (white), PGI Kos, 86 points.


white grapeclip50% Malagouzia, 50% Sauvignon blanc.


Regional: Prawns & Halloumi. World: grilled vegetables, rich salads, sauteed foie gras, grilled fish, roasted kid, spicy fowl, rich cheeses.

logo graperoverGolden yellow, green flashes. Rich viscosity. Generous, elegant fragrances of ripe pear, lemon, pineapple and apricot. On the palate zippy lemon, ripe melon and pineapple, melting together with a hint of honey and some pleasant minerality. Complex and well balanced. Fresh, lively finish.


2007 Triantafyllopoulos Merlot, PGI Kos, 88 points.


red grape clip100% merlot.

wine barrel8 months French oak (50% new.)

vmlRegional: Quail Kokkinista. World: dove and quail breast, prime red meat, saltimbocca, matured (Dutch) cheeses.

logo graperoverRed purple. Rich viscosity. In the nose ripe cherry (amarone), blue- and blackberry, well orchestrated with soft tones of cedar and smoky tobacco. On the palate, again dark fruit, grilled bell pepper, vanilla and hazelnut. Rich, well balanced. Good lasting finish. Definetely improving still.

2007 Triantafyllopoulos Syrah, PGI Kos, 90 points.

syrah mary

red grape clip100% Syrah.

wine barrel8 months French oak (50% new).

vmlRegional: Arni to Ampelourgou. World: saddle of lamb or hare, game casserole, steak & kidney pie, kokoretsi, roast leg of lamb, strong cheeses.

logo graperoverBrown/purple red. Rich aromas of red currant, ripe cherry(amarone), prune and plum. Tempting wafts of vanilla, hay and tobacco, some black pepper and clove. Magic flavors of overripe dark fruits mingle well with developed tannins and some caramel. Well balanced and smooth. Makes you long for endless good conversations! May-be another few years to develop. Would not take the risk though….