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There is almost no region in Halkidiki with no historical passage through time.

At Petralona, one comes across a cave of stunning natural beauty, sheltering the renowned “Archanthropos (ancient man) of Petralona”, who lived 250,000 years ago. Due to the wealth of excavation findings, the cave has been rightfully termed the “oldest natural museum in Europe”. Impressive stalagmites, white coral-like formations and thousands of stalactites form magnificent arches as they hang in between splendid multi-colored columns.

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Tsantali main office & winery.

Powerful ancient cities followed as Olynthos, Akanthos, Aphytos, Potidea. Stageira was the birthplace of Aristotle, where the philosopher himself planted the first experimental vineyard. Scripts and myths live to tell yet again that wine was an integral part of that growth, while the  vineyards in Halkidiki were famed for their excellent quality wines.

Taking it to a higher level.

Our 22 hectares in Halkidiki are privileged by the greatest of assets.

The Aegean Sea, which laps upon the shores of all three fingers extending out of Halkidiki (Cassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos), sends its spray and breeze across the hilly countryside. The sea breeze protects the vines from high temperatures in periods of extreme heat and aids the slow maturation of the grapes.

Yet, it has been a strategic choice of ours to take it into another level implementing integrated vineyard management and certified organic cultivation. Our investment is ongoing, our dedication is strong. With great joy we welcome the highly motivating results of each year.

»Climate: Typical Mediterranean. Long hot summers, mild winters.

»Altitude: Up to 250 meters above the sea level

»Soil: Light, potassium-rich, sandy-clay. Good structure and water permeability. Rich in calcium sub-soil. Excellent basis for grape growing, able to reinforce the aromas of the wines produced and contributing to the balance of their gustative characters.

fond_de_pages_halkidiki_vineyardVarieties by the sea.

All our varieties are grown close by the sea, nourished by that splendid aquatic balance. Our whites are Assyrtiko, Roditis, Athiri, Muscat of Alexandria and Sauvignon Blanc, while Xinomavro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are representing the red family.

The terroir gives to the grapes a balanced acidity, a rich fruity aromatic profile and some interesting herbaceous twists.


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logo graperoverThe Tsantali Halkidiki wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Tsantali Halkidiki white, PGI Halkidiki. 86 points.

Tsantali_400x600_HalkidikiWhitewhite grapeclip50% assyrtiko, 50% sauvignon blanc.

vmlRegional: Roasted Sea-bass. World: Appetizers, Oysters naturel!, shellfish, crustaceans, grilled fat fish, asparagus, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverPale light golden. Medium viscosity.  Elegant, charming bouquet:  peach, mulberry and minerality. Full flavored, medium bodied, peach fruit, more fine minerals and grapefruit on the finish. Quite a happy-drinking wine.

2011 Tsantali Halkidiki Assyrtiko, PGI Halkidiki. 88 points.

Tsantali_400x600_AssyrtikoOrganicwhite grapeclip100% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Astakos vrastos. World: crustaceans, shellfish, sushi, oysters, fish-pate, charcuterie, creamy cheeses.

logo graperoverTasted by GrapeRover. Bright yellow colored. Attractively fresh and crispy aroma’s like lemon, grapefruit, pear, and melon. Zesty upfront flavors of lemon, pear, papaya, and apricot. Pleasantly refreshing acidity. Light/medium bodied. Thirst-quenching juicy texture. Lively finish makes you reach for another bottle!

2011 Tsantali Halkidiki Rose, PGI Halkidiki. 86 points.

Tsantali_400x600_HalkidikiRosered grape clip50% limnio, 50% grenache rouge.

vmlRegional: Shrimp, macaroni & feta. World: chicken or prawns piri-piri, spicy sausages, asian food, cream cheeses.

logo graperoverA stunning rose-pink colour; a strong, fruity aroma, revealing the scent of strawberries and cherries; a balanced taste, where some acidity is present to impart freshness.

2010 Tsantali Halkidiki Red. PGI Halkidiki. 84 points.

Tsantali_400x600_HalkidikiRedred grape clip50% limnio, 50% merlot.

vmlRegional: Pastourmadopita. World: mixed grills, hearty pizza, stews, hamburgers.

logo graperoverDeep ruby. Light viscosity. Medium tones of blueberry, blackberry, prune, some clove, and light toast. Playfull flavors like blackberry, blueberry, plum, and toast. Light/medium. Fleshy, chewy texture. Medium finish. Pleasant.

2009 Tsantali Halkidiki Cabernet sauvignon, PGI Halkidiki. 85 points.

Tsantali_400x600_CabernetSauvignonOrganicred grape clip100% cabernet sauvignon.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel8 months new French oak. (allier)

vmlRegional: Greek rib-eye. World: prime meat, game, veal liver, lamb, goat, meat stews, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverLively purple. Good viscosity. Hesitating aroma’s of blueberry, cherry, plum, vanilla, and some chocolate. Correct flavors like blueberry, black currant (cassis), plum, medium toast, and vanilla. The body is Medium/full. Smooth texture. Medium finish. Good start going into bio, but needs more refinement.