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Rapsani is a small town at the foothills of Mount Olympus, symbol of the Hellenic spirit and freedom, and cultural landmark of Hellenism. Thousands of mountaineers who reach the peak of Mt. Olympus, exhausted from the difficult ascent, have gazed at the wondrous surroundings from the same point from which the twelve gods of Olympus surveyed the world. The peak where popular fantasy, faith and the philosophical quest of the ancient Greeks had placed them. From the multitude of gods and heroes, who constituted the Hellenic Pantheon, the ancient Greeks limited themselves to twelve, the most characteristic and reliable, and they placed them in the Olympic palace, as their protectors, but mostly as their absolute judges. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Demetra, Apollo, Hermes, Aris, Aphrodite, Hephestus and Dionysus.

mt olympus

mount Olympus

The picturesque village and the vineyards of Rapsani are nested in the slopes up to 700 meters from the sea level.  An ideal place for safeguarding a unique wine making tradition which gives birth to an outstanding deep red wine: the Rapsani wine, the nectar of Gods.

Our winery, located at the valley of Tempi, preserves that local tradition. An example of authentic local architecture hosts the passion of wine making through centuries and some of the tools used, as cemented tanks and oak barrels.

Access to the vineyards is only possible via dirt roads, an adventurous, yet rewarding ascent; when there, the overwhelming feeling of inner power and absolute freedom is enhanced by the wondrous surroundings and the breathtaking view.

After all, you are at the exact same point from where the ancient gods surveyed and ruled the world.

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logo graperoverThe Tsantali / Rapsani wines tasted by GrapeRover: 

2009 Tsantali Rapsani PDO Rapsani, 85 points.

Tsantali_400x600_Rapsanired grape clip1/3 Xinomavro, 1/3 Krassato, 1/3 Stavroto.

wine barrel6 months Allier barrels (300 lt.), 50% new oak, 6 months bottle.

vmlRegional: Classic Greek Lamb chops. World: prime red meat, leg of lamb / kid, roasted greens, matured cheeses.

logo graperoverDark ruby. Medium viscosity. Expressive aroma’s like blackberry, black currant (cassis), plum, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Gutsy flavors of blackberry, blueberry, plum and light oak. Medium/full bodied. Velvety, round texture. Reasonable lenght.


2007 Tsantali  Rapsani reserve, PDO Rapsani, 88 points.


red grape clip1/3 Xinomavro, 1/3 Krassato, 1/3 Stavroto.

wine barrel12 months Allier barrels (300 lt.), 12 months bottle.

vmlRegional: kokoretsi, prime red meat, paidakia, roasted game, spicy sausages, roasted greens, matured hard cheeses.

logo graperoverDeep purple. Nice density. Complex aroma’s like blueberry, blackberry, black currant (cassis), plum, vanilla, tobacco, barnyard, and a dash of cinnamon. Well balanced flavors of blackberry, blueberry, plum, prune, oak, and smokey bacon. Medium/full bodied. Voluminous, round texture. Well lasting finish.

2005 Tsantali Rapsani Grand reserve, PDO Rapsani, 90 points.

Tsantali_400x600_RapsaniGrandReservered grape clip1/3 Xinomavro, 1/3 Krassato, 1/3 Stavroto.

wine barrel18 months new French Allier barrels, 18 months bottle.

vmlRegional: Ragu of braised lamb. World: kokoretsi, lagos stifado, game,  wodino me lachano, prime roasted / grilled meat, blue vein cheese.

logo graperoverDense purple. good viscosity. Expressive aroma’s of cherry, blackberry, black currant (cassis). Modest tones of forest floor, smokey bacon, and vanilla. Gentle flavors of raspberry, blackberry. A dash of black olive, clove, and cedar. Balanced, matured body. Smooth textured. Appealing finish. Still improving…..