All about Messinia, Peloponnese.

Ioannis Tsavolakis has played an important role in the reformation of viticulture in Messinia, since, for 20 years (1977-1997), he was the oenologist of the wine producing Cooperative of Messinia, where he began his professional career.

In 1997, after his retirement from the Cooperative, he continues to play an active role in oenological events in the Prefecture of Messinia as an independent wine producer while enriching experiences and flavours.

He creates his own winery under the name “Tsavolakis Ioannis and CO (BIOVIN)” and equips it with modern installations and experienced personnel. He selects good collaborators among the organic viticulturists, always aiming to achieve a perfect result of quality and flavour.

Our wines, made with art and care by the oenologist Ioannis Tsavolakis, come from strictly selected grapes, products of organic viticulture. All of them posses the unique characteristics of the land where they were cultivated, the land of Peloponnese with its mountain relief, but also the land of sunny Messinia which is bathed by the light blue waters of the Mediterranean.

For your daily table, a good dinner among friends or your special occasions, Tsavolakis wines will always have their own place, accompanying you in every aspect of your social life. We invite you to discover our wines and we are sure that you will appreciate them.


A treasure in the vineyard!

Organic wine?

First of all, we should make clear organic wine does not really exist. At least legally speaking, as long as no European legal system frames this production and determines the characteristics of this product.

On the contrary, the cultivation of the vineyard and grapes that will be used in the production of wine can be made according to the rules that are set by the directives of the European Union with regard to the production of organic farming products. This particulate form of grapegrowing is the subject of regular controls, which are carried out by an independent organisation, which guarantees and certifies the respect of European models and the organic quality of products.

The name “organic wine” does not have any legal value and does not stand alone as a sign of quality. Consequently, pending the imposition of a legal frame, it is more precise to use the expression “wine made from organically grown grapes” even if we, in every day language, have the tendency to use the term “organic wine”.

We insist on the “organic” quality of grapes and wine precisely because this so called “organic” farming is differentiated from what is said “conventional farming”. What are their differences anyway?

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