All about Kavala, East Macedonia.

Tsikrikoni’s winery is located at the foothill of “Symbolo” mountain at the village Myrtophyto of Kavala, north Greece, municipality of Paggaio. It was established in 2007 by Tsikrikoni’s family, aiming to produce premium wines. The products that are being used come exclusively from local grapes which are being cultivated in private vineyards and in vineyards of local producers.

The company’s principle is to produce wines of excellent quality, always by respecting the environment during the production, and to highlight the area’s nomination through its local products.

The winery has a parallel oinotouristiko hostel, which is housed in a traditional stone house, built by the early 1900s which was restored fully with absolute respect to the architecture. The visitor can enjoy the wines of Winery Tsikrikonis in a specially designed space – showroom and discover the region’s history through old farm items artwork on rural life.

Tsikri vines

Tsikrikonis vineyard.







Tsikrikoni’s family vineyards are located at Myrtophyto village, at 350 m elevation, covering 8 stremma. The area’s climate is Mediterranean. This type of climate is characterized by green winters and cool summers, conditions that favor the grapes’ growth. The elevation, in combination to the cool Aegean breeze, also plays an important role to the proper growth of grapes. The vineyards are being cultivated according to the conventional type of cultivation, always by respecting the environment and human, the tradition, the experience and the modern technology. The grapes’ assortments that are being cultivated are: the greek ones assyrtiko, muscat, Alexandria’s muscat and malvasia and those of other countries, like: merlot, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

The coactive vineyards are located at the greater area of the municipality of Paggaio and are being thoroughly and systematically controlled by Eustathios Tsikrikonis and the scientific cooperators of the company.

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