All about Trikala, Thessaly.

At the foot of Meteora cave Theopetra discovered among other things, grape seeds from the Paleolithic Era that testify to the existence of ancient place with the vine.

In 1996, the family created Tsililis DOMAIN THEOPETRA, a model winery-organic vineyards, in order to highlight the distinctiveness of the area and the revival of rare Greek varieties.

The long historical tradition and modern technology  come together in harmony with human inspiration and perpetuate the wine culture of the place, respecting the Environment (Natura 2000).

The last decade, aiming to meeting the needs of the Greek and international consumers with the creative vision of its people-distiller, winemaker Tsililis, new wine product lines combining traditional values ​​with modern practices.

The Winery. 

Tsililis cave


With views of the Meteora rocks and cave Theopetra family Tsililis created a boutique winery in which man creates, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural environment. Installed in Raxa Trikala, the winery is surrounded by mountains and hills of Antichassia and Pindos and River Lithaio.

The facilities
In full compliance with environmental rules created a winery that aesthetics are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.
Simple and uncluttered line, red brick, wood, metal arches, creating an end result that looks like an integral part of the natural environment.
The technical equipment of the winery combines the traditional values ​​of wine with the latest technological achievements in space.
Scientists and technicians of the land use combined the latest advances of modern technology and traditional qualitative methods in order to extract all the flavor and all the flavors of the grape.
The grapes are harvested by hand early in the morning and after apovostrychosi converse titty – titty. Only the most healthy and quality grapes are the raw material for the wines of Domaine Theopetra. The precious beads vinified in stainless steel tanks and oak under fully controlled conditions of temperature and environment. The slow, patient fermentation in graduated temperatures ensure the wines complexity, richness and freshness.
Then select wines are aged in French and American oak barrels 225 L, the cellar of the winery where the balance-Meni humidity and low temperature offer maturity, complexity and longevity.
Finally, when the wines are judged complete, carefully bottled in packages that embrace the content, protect and bring out the elegance and finesse. Each label wine produced in very limited quantity of numbered bottles.

The combination of the particular soil structure that allows low yields grapes and continental climate, creating wines with intense aromas, density and high acidity.

Tsililis vineyard

Tsililis vineyard

The soil

The vineyards of the estate spanning upland hill slopes (slope 10% -30%), oriented east-west at an altitude of two hundred and eighty to three hundred and fifty m . The soil composition varies due to the rare formation of rocks of Meteora. The main feature is the presence of shale makes terroirs “shallow” and provides excellent drainage. In areas where there is a strong presence of limestone, with fossils of marine origin, cultivated white varieties. As a result, the resulting wine is characterized by high acidity and minerality.In vineyards with argiloammodi recommendation, in places with a strong presence of iron, cultivated varieties produce red wines with complex aromas, ripe rich tannins and balanced acidity.

the mesoclimate

The mesoclimate the region is continental with heavy wet winters and  sunny, warm and dry summers. The large temperature difference between day and night during the spring and summer contribute to the development of intense and complex aromas, a slow and orderly maturation and maintain the natural acidity of the grapes. Alongside frequent northerly winds by the mountains of Pindos cool  the vines and prevent the development of diseases.

The human factor

These features are ideal conditions to organic  cultivation of vines. All the vineyards of Domaine Theopetra grown organic practices, whose certification is done by the DEO. The yields of the vines are very low: 600-700 kg / ha for white varieties and 400-500 kg / ha for red varieties, with cultivation of single cordon and strict green harvest. The result is  wines with high density, intense aromas and fresh acidity.


The choice of cultivars was based on the terroir of the region Theopetra Kalambaka, combining international and Greek quality varieties. Particularly in recent years, made considerable effort to revive and elevate rare Greek varieties that were left to oblivion of time but a valuable local and national heritage.

Malagouzia,  Assyrtiko, Chardonnay ,  Vermentino, Syrah , Cabernet Sauvignon ,  Merlot , Limniona,  Xinomavro, Vlachiko.

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