meli logoMeli, which means Honey in Greek, located in the heart of lower midtown right off of Fifth Avenue, celebrates Greek cuisine. Meli focuses on modern interpretations of traditional dishes from various regions of Greece.

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Chef Nikos Stavrakakis

Honey is produced in most regions of the world and is one of medicine’s well kept secrets. It is the ONLY food that will not spoil. In essence, honey will be forever honey. Despite its small size, Greece is one of the most suitable places, if not the most, for apiculture due to its rich flora and temperate climate. The country’s long sunshine periods and the abrupt changes in the landscape are responsible for its supreme quality of honey. That is the explanation why certain varieties of honey (e.g. Thyme Honey) do not exist anywhere else in the world. The best honey in Greece comes from thyme, by far the best honey in the world. That is the reason why, at Meli, we import our very own honey from Greece.

Meli offers an exquisite selection of, mainly Greek, quality wines from Macedonia, Peloponnese and Santorini. Please click HERE for the official Meli website and their impressive winelist.

With our signature ingredients, our Chefs create exquisite dishes with impeccable flavors that are nothing short of perfection. The main dining room exudes a vibrant flow of energy while boasting high ceilings and attributing an array of magnificent photos to Greece’s captivating scenery. We showcase numerous photographs from world-renowned, highly awarded fine art photographer, Peter Lik. Our majestic setting along with our friendly staff transcends you into the Aegean for a short stay and calls you back for more.