All about Kryoneri, East Attica.

Our company was established in 2006 as a family business. It is the “essence” of more than twenty years of working experience on the vineyard cultivation and winemaking. The company conveys our strong passion to produce quality wines from both Greek and international vintages, combining tradition with modern techniques.

Our vineyard is located in the region of Viotia, in south – central Greece, by the Ptoon mountain slopes, in – between the lakes of Yliki and Paralimni. It covers an area of 11 acres. The land’s inclination and the orientation of the vineyard, in combination with the light, sandy soil, contribute to a perfect drainage as well as to the production of high grade grapes, with rich aromas and fine acidities. The microclimate of the location, with its mild winters, the frequent rainfall and the night breezes, that cool the vines during summer months, is ideal for viniculture.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Assyrtiko, Muscat.

Our principal goal is to promote traditionally – made quality wine as an ideal companion of everyday life and basic element of Mediterranean diet. Hence…..

  • The cultivation is done in the traditional way.

    vakirtzis cellar

    Vakirtzis cellars.

  • We do not use herbicides or pesticides.
  • We don’t use fertilizers. We confine to the use of green manure, such as dung and to crop rotation (vetch).
  • We apply traditional cultural practices such as topping, disbudding and suckering.
  • We strictly keep to a limited harvest in order to maximize the level of quality.
  • Vintage is carried out at the appropriate harvest time, when the grapes are sufficiently ripened.
  • White vintages with white classical vinification, fermentation in cool stainless tanks at 18°C.
  • Red vintages with red classical vinification, maturity for 12 months in French oak barrels and aging for more than 12 months in our air – conditioned cellar.

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