All about Larissa, Thessaly.

The VASDAVANOS WINERY-DISTILLERY has been dealing with the production of wines and distillation ever since 1958. It is a family business that has shown incredible development in the production of high quality products through all these years. Located in an area with tradition vine-growing (Tyrnavos, Larissa) and with state of the art equipment and facilities, the company produces eponymous products. The plant includes an up-to-date unit with a cellar for the aging of the wines.The quality of the products is guaranteed by the ISO 9002, qualituy certificate. Furthermore, there are distileries for the production of OUZO, as well as for the production of the local Thessalian drink, the well known TSIPOURO.

Nearly half a century of successful course record the Winery – Vasdavanou distillery. Almost fifty years of intensive effort and struggle along flooded by the love and passion of brothers Vasdavanou for wine.


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It was 1947, when brothers Apostolis, John and Thrasyvoulos Vasdavanou started Damasi, place of origin, loaded with baggage dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow, but with a vision to produce their own wine.
After nine years of struggle Vasdavanou  was able to set up their own wineries and to translate their love and passion for their own wine into reality. The small winery came true in 1958 Damasi Tirnavos where the rich wine traditions and the optimal conditions for creating exceptional wines that reflect the actual grape varieties whose birth is testament to the current high yields.
At the same time opened the first store of sales on Demeter Street in Larissa. Although production started in 1958, the first of association established in 1962 as OE with members of the three brothers. Headquarters was Damasi where was the winery.
In 1974 followed the relocation of the winery to new facilities in 15 acres of private land in Giannouli Larissa, which covered a surface of 1000 m The growing needs led, however, a new extension of 500 m in 1977 until the new generation to take action in 1990.
There followed a further extension of 1000 m 1999, and modernization of machinery until it reaches the winery in its present form which covers an area of ​​2500 sq.m. with a production capacity of 1.6 million liters of wine.
Today the winery has the most modern and sophisticated means of reception of grapes, pneumatic presses for the production of white wine and modern wine-making for the vinification of red wines.
Alongside modern facility includes cooling produced grape and wine for better results, with stainless steel tanks and aging wine cellar.
Is certified ISO-9001: 2000 to 2000 to ensure the quality of its products. It has no nationwide network of sales representatives and local presence in many overseas markets including Australia, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and America. He also participates in international exhibitions both domestic and abroad.

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