All about Spata, East Attica.

Vassilis Markou Winery is located in the heart of the winemaking production zone of the Mesogeia plain, at Spata.

Winemaker Vassilis Markou seeking to continue his family tradition has been involved in the winemaking business since the early 80s.
After a lengthy exploration and experimentation he specialised, with great love and enthusiasm, in the production of fine wines.
The Markou winery is the family wine production unit with privately – owned vineyards locates in the wider area of Spata.


Vasilis Markou winery

Vassilis Markou Vineyards is located in Spata, In Yialou, a region of magnificent natural beauty occupying 10.500 square meters. The vines are supported with wooden stakes and measure 2, 50 x 1,15m.

The fertile soil, the sunny weather of Attica combined with the winemaker’s love and enthusiasm, contribute to the production of Vassilis Markou Vineyards fine wines.

The red grape version varieties of the vineyards are Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon and the white  Sauvignon Blanc – Savatiano (a traditional variety of the Mesogeia region cultivated in the remaining 5000 square metre of winery.
The winery is fully equipment with pneumatic wine presses, temperature controlled stainless steel tanks with cooling jacket for fermentation – crystallisation and red wine stainless steel fermentation tank of 1.500 tonnes total capacity.
The bottles are stored in a specially design air – conditioned cellar in order to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year.
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