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Yiannis Vatistas vineyards lie on the plants of Vion and the hillsides of Pantanassa next to the castle of Monemvasia, where the famous wine Malvazia originates.  Yiannis Vatistas, who comes from a family with a long tradition In land cultivation, after strenuous and persistent effort, in 1986, creates the first systematically cultivated vineyard at his family estate in St Nicolas.  Very soon the hillsides and Pantanassa follow, as well as the Vion plants.  In 1990, his enthusiasm and his love for high quality wine, urge him to create a small traditional wine factory, in his vineyards, where he bottles his first wines.  The local microclimate in combination with the excellent variety of the vineyards composition, which in some cases are situated by the sea, constitute the foundation of quality wine production.  In the vineyards you can find the local varieties Petrouliano, Asproudi, Thrapsa, Mavroudi, Monemvasia, Kydonitsa, Roditi, Mandilaria as well as, Assyrtiko, Aedani, Athiri, Agiorgitiko, Malagousia, along with the noble foreign varieties Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Merlot.  Yiannis Vatistas today produces fifteen excellent quality wines from his own vineyards covering 30 acres.

Please see this mavellous article about Vatistas Vineyards by Peter Minakis of Kalofagas.

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