All about Florina, West Macedonia.


Vegoritis’ philosophy is that we have to produce high quality wines in a wide range of prices with the best relation between price and quality that is possible in the marketplace, and that we should lay particular emphasis on the exploitation and cultivation of the vineyards of the territory, using traditional, empirical methods in combination with new practices and mechanical applications. The variety of Xinomavro (sour-black wine) is at the centre of attention and at the same time the evolution of varieties which are new and perfectly adapted to the microclimat of the territory, such as: White variaties of roditis, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer, malagousia, malvasia aromatic and red varieties of syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon and negoska. Main part of our company is the support of an existing tendency for the vinous-touristic development that emerges during the last few years through the creation and development of the wineries that can be visited and of places of gathering within the bounds of the programmes “Wineroads of Nothern Greece”.

Aim of our company is to consolidate itself in the costumers’ conscience as a really good everyday wine, which every year will build up a better and better relation between price and quallity, so as to win the market place not only of West Macedonia, but also of other places farther away. Another aim of our company is the familiarisation of the viniculturists with new methods of viniculture and the adaptation to the new demands due to the new climatic conditions, so as the absorption of all the quantities of grapes produced in the territory to be possible.

Parallel to the famous wines of kyr-Giannis S.A., the everyday wines of Vegoritis L.P. are produced in the winery with the trade name “to kalo” for the package “bag in box” and “Milos” for the bottled once, in bottles of 187 ml, 375ml, 750ml, using grapes which are produced in privately – owned vineyards and by collaborated vinicalturists. The trademark “MILOS” was given to the company’s wines because of an old windmill, which is located at the center of the settlement of Agios Panteleimonas. vegoritis vines

At the basement of the winery, there is an operating place for gourmet tasting and there is also an audio-aural presentation about the characteristics of the vineyard of Amyntaio and its history, along with a parallel presentation of the company’s products. For our visitors, there is a possibility of a guided tour inside the production rooms, as well.

The people who frame and staff our company have all the prerequisites that Giannis Boutaris has conveyed to them for the realisation of his vision, which is nothing more than the bond between the viniculturist and the final product, so as for the quality, artistry and authenticity to be transimitted to the product.

Vinification “VEGORITIS”, following the needs of contemporary commerce and the great potentials of the internet, it enters the wide world web with a site whose address is, where we hope that our visitors will manage to learn about us, order some of our products and relish them delivered at home, once we can offer them such an opportunity.

vegoritis lakes

Florina lakes.

In the north-west corner of greek map and right in the heart of prefecture of Florina, a unique vineyard is extended. The vineyard of the four lakes is surrounded by the lakes Zazari, Chimaritida, Petron and Vegoritida. The vineyard of the four lakes constitutes the greatest part of the tradename zone of Amintaio High Quality.
It composes the most mountainous vineyard of Greece and the largest vineyard of Macedonia. Its size is about 8.500 square metres. Its main variety is the greek variety Xinomavro, which is cultivated for hundreds of years, covering a rate of 63% of all the cultivated vineyards. An important position on the vinicultural map is held by the varieties Roditis(4.5%), but also the imported, newly conducted Syrah (4.08%), Merlot (4.18%), Sauvignon Blanc (3.24%) and Chardonnay (1.65%).
In the last decade, there have been plantations of varieties which deluge the italian vineyard with great results and among these plantations, variety Tannat is the most distinct.
The uniqueness of this area has been directing the residents’ attention to viniculture and vinification for a very long time. The vinification activity acquires its character by the territorial vinifications during the decades of 40s and 50s and its promotion to the prefectures nearby. In the early 70s, forming a legislating regulation, the vinous leadership of the country approves of the wine production VQPRD red dry from the variety Xinomavro and in the following years, there is an approval of the production.



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