All about Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia.

The story of Voulgari’s winery begins in the middle 70’s at Nei Epivates, Thessaloniki, Hellas. The grandfather of the Voulgari family, Vasilios, was the first who attempted and managed to produce wine after planting and caltivating two vineyards. The wine was enough to cover the needs of Nei Epivates. As the years passed by his son George, following his father’s steps, multiplied the acres of the vineyards with vinifiable Greek and French grape varieties.

This fact contributed to the establishment of the “Winery Voulgari” in the year 2003. Nowadays the grandson of the family, Vasilios, who runs the company specializes on Vinification-Viniculture sections. Along with his geoponic knowledge and the experience, he continues the life dream of his predecessors.

The main line of activity of the company is to produce white (Sauvignon Blanc) and red (Merlot) wine, tsipouro that contains or not aniseed and the genuine Greek retsina. The production plant has the ability of bottling 25.000 bottles per year.

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