Al about Xanthi, Thrace.


Avdiro, near Xanthi,  homeland of Democritus, founder of the atomic theory,  of Leucippus and the great sophist Protagoras. In the hilly areas of the region, there was an ancient viticulture, which is refered to by the paeans of Pindar.

During Byzantine times Abdera were, among the region Maroneia, one of the vineyards of Byzantium. This produced the famous “Pamitis Wine”, paraphrasing the ancient Pan-intoxication. During the Ottoman Empire, the French consul in Istanbul resembles reference to Paris, the area to that of Bordeaux, France. In the late 19th century, the vineyards destroyed by phylloxera and the locals are turning to the cultivation of tobacco. The refugees who settled in the area, coming from Eastern Thrace and Asia Minor, epanafytepsan small family vineyards that also destroyed in the 60s. Until the 90s the area remained undeveloped for viticulture.

The family Vourvoukelis.







In 1999, the family of Nick and Flora Vourvoukeli, with a vision to revive the famed, ancient, vineyards of Advira, planted in the fertile hills of the area 20 acres with native and exotic wine-grape varieties. They gradually developed a 120 acre private vineyard which is farmed in accordance with the organic rules of agriculture. In the meantime the viticulture and winemaking is taken over by their sons George and Odysseus, who both had years of studies in these areas.

The winery is equipped with the latest technology and operates under strict hygienic conditions HACPP and certified to ISO 22000 for quality assurance.


Revived ancient Pamiti grape.


Pamiti grape,

Tart herbs and spices on the nose, some yellow fruit, delicate earthy notes. Tranquil fruit on the palate, prominent vegetal notes as well as herbs and spices, nutty and earthy notes, elegant acidity, fairly persistent, quite creamy, vegetal traces on a good to very good finish.

The microclimate.

The region is characterized by low temperatures after dusk, adequate rainfall for the water resources of the vineyard and particular soil type. The indigenous varieties grown are the primeval red Limnio, the dynamic white Roditis, the powerful white Assyrtiko and the rose Thracian Pamiti. Of the international varieties those grown include the celebrated Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc, the popular red Syrah, Merlot and the rare Cinsaut.

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logo graperoverThe Vourvoukelis wines tasted by GrapeRover:

2011 Vourvoukelis Avdiros white, PGI Avdira. 86 points.

avdiros whitewhite grapeclip50% roditis, 50% chardonnay.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Crab kritharotto. World: sushi, sashimi, fried whitebait, grilled fat fish, crustaceans.

Brilliant pale yellow. Medium viscosity. Fresh herbs and spices on the nose, ripe quince, apricot and peach, delicate earthy notes. Elegant fruit on the palate, vegetal notes as well as herbs and spices, nutty and earthy notes, elegant acidity, well structured, quite creamy, good to very good finish.



2011 Vourvoukelis Lagara white, PGI Avdira, 87 points.

Lagara whitewhite grapeclip70% sauvignon blanc, 30% assyrtiko.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel2 – 4 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Avgotaraho. World: sushi, sashimi, fried whitebait, grilled fat fish, crustaceans.

Light straw yellow. Medium viscosity. Citrus and gooseberry on the nose,  herbaceous notes. Zippy with fresh lime on the palate, fine minerality. Supple and herbaceous, grassy notes with some green peppers, zesty acidity provides structure, refreshing style, satisfying finish.


2011 Vourvoukelis Avdiros rose, PGI Avdira. 85 points.

adviros rosered grape clip80% pamiti, 20% syrah.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

vmlRegional: Garlic prawns. World: appetizers, asian foods, cheese salads, spicy chicken, rich pastas, fresh fruit, cream cheeses.

 Bright clear pink. Medium+ viscosity. Raspberries, strawberries and some red currants on the nose, herbs and spices, delicate floral notes. Somewhat sweetish, light-bodied fruit on the palate, delicate herbaceous and floral notes, pepperish, moderate, finely astringent tannins, good persistence, alluring finish. Quite unique thanks to the pamiti grape!


2009 Vourvoukelis Avdiros red. PGI Avdira. 87 points.

adviros redred grape clip50% limnio, 30% cinsaut, 20% pamiti.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel8 – 10 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Hunkar Begendi. World: prime meat, casseroles, lamb, game, grilled vegetables, matured cheeses.

Dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Black currant, blueberry and ripe plum on the nose, mingling well with spicy hint of de-composing wood, smoky, spicy oak. Medium-bodied on the palate, spicy forest fruit, some cocoa, well integrated oak, good acidity, slightly astringent tannins, good lasting finish.

2009 Vourvoukelis Lagara red, PGI Avdira. 87 points.

Lagara redred grape clip50% merlot, 30% syrah, 20% pamiti.

1_dio_newDio organic certified.

wine barrel10 – 12 months French oak.

vmlRegional: Lemon verbana rack of lamb. World: prime meat, casseroles, lamb, game, grilled vegetables, matured cheeses.

Deep dark ruby. Medium+ viscosity. Powerful aromas of jammy forest berries, plum and prune. Herbaceous notes and gentle spicy oak. On the palate clear red berry fruit, herbaceous notes, de-composing wood, mushroom and dark chocolate. Some black pepper, good minerality and medium soft tannins. A surprising blend, impressive lasting finish.