All about Evia.

VRINIOTI family winery was established in 2002 but our relation with wine products goes back to when Konstantinos Vrinioti’s ancestors started planting vines in the area and built an old traditional stone winery.

The construction of our modern facilities started in 2007 and was completed in the summer of 2008. The expertise in producing exceptional traditional wines has always been based on our love for this family tradition. Today this love is a passion which we enclose in few and rare bottles in our modern winery.

Our winery is located in a small village North Evia, 15km from Edipsos, Gialtra.

vrinioti vineyard

Vrinioti vineyard

We created a modern winery which is open for visits all year round. Visitors to the area should not miss tha chance to go on a tour of our facilities, so that they can taste our wine products and learn about the production process.

Our private vineyard is in Gialtra, Edipsos and Telethrio Mountain North Evia. We use organic farming aiming at quality rather than quantity.

We cultivate vine variationssuch as the cosmopolitan red Syrah, the Greek red Vradiano and the white Greek variations Roditis, Savvatiano, Assyrtiko and Malagouzia. Vradiano is a rare old red variation of Evia which Vrinioti Wines tries to revive.

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