All about Zitsa, Epirus.


Zoinos S.A. produces the renowned wines from grapes of the producer members of which are grown on steep slopes of limestone origin of Zitsa wine region. A fine selection of grapes, the Debina, are traditionally grown at an altitude of 700m. above sea level.

They are produced by the white wines are characterized by their pale greenish-yellow color, delicate and distinctive aroma and fruity and rare white wines during the tasting, and highlights the peculiarity in the aftertaste, which is characterized by a wonderful sense of scent.

The growing zone includes six villages (Zitsa Protopappa, Karitsa Ligopsa, Klimatia, Gavrisioi) with a total cultivated area of 2000 acres, while the center of Zitsa is 27 km from Ioannina.



Epirus vineyards











The establishment of the Zitsa winery in 1973 was a milestone intervention for both Greek vineyards and the region’s economy. It salvaged a rare vineyard zone while giving life to an area which, under other circumstances, would struggle to survive.

Today, boasting a rich experience, deep knowledge of the wine industry and excellent scientific and technical staff and workers, ZOINOS SA continually invests in improving the quality of its products.

Simultaneously, the families of the producers collaborating with the Winery of ZOINOS SA enjoy a stable income with very satisfactory prices (amongst the highest for white grapes in Greece) and scientific support by the company’s technical and scientific services. It is worth noting that the company intervened to create a group of producers who cultivate their vines using an Integrated Management method and a producers association in Zitsa that use organic farming methods while participating in the partnership of ZOINOS SA.

Cooperative responsibility combined with modern knowledge.

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